About Me

Vegetarianism started with kicking and screaming.

No, really. I was 12 years old, and in the middle of the movie theater, I started hollering, "Where are they taking his mommy?! Why are the pigs squealing like that?!" while watching Babe on the big screen. Eventually Babe, PETA videos, and getting my hands on raw chicken for the first and only time snowballed into full-on vegetarianism just before I started college. I think it's a pretty awesome way to go- you feel more energetic, you can be happier with what you're putting in your body, and with so many fruits, veggies, legumes, and grains at your fingertips, you can perform some pretty amazing kitchen magic!

That being said, I don't like to beat people over the head with my beliefs. I like to let my home cooking and the fine cooking at great vegetarian restaurants speak for itself. If I can open one person's eyes to something new, healthy, and compassionately made, then they'll in turn spread the word. Being The Friendly Veg means being proactive, understanding, and most importantly, sharing good vegetarian and vegan eats!

Keep reading for vegetarian, vegan, & health-conscious recipes, veggie versions of classic dishes, relevant news on veggie and eco lifestyles, and the low-down on where herbivores can dine without reservations (pun intended!) in my hometown of New York City and through my travels across the country and the globe. As an Italian girl, my cooking style is mostly what I like to call "vegiterranean"- but I'll tackle any global cuisine for a challenge! If you've got an idea, have a veg-friendly event that I should give a shout out to, or would like to see something on this blog, keep in touch! Email me at thefriendlyveg@gmail.com.