Saturday, January 8, 2011

Revd Up Pi

All New Yorkers know that moment- when you realize you've got ten minutes to get some place and you're so hungry that you might gnaw on your own arm before you get there. Sometimes, pizza or falafel on the go is the only way to go. And as I hustled from the East Side to the West Side to catch The Merchant of Venice on Broadway (and for this Shakespeare fan, I still can't stop gushing about it!), I figured I'd do okay with fast food after seeing the "healthy pizza" proclamation outside of Revd Up Pi in Murray Hill.

After experiencing Otarian, I believed fast food had hope. Though I initially balked at having to pay $4.50 for a "Grandpa" slice at Revd Up Pi (having lived in Bensonhurst for years, this was obscene to me), I figured it was a small price to pay for a healthier slice of pizza. And to be honest, I wasn't sure what to make of my slice. Low-fat mozzarella, low-sodium organic sauce, heirloom grain (with quinoa, barley, etc) crust- it sounded like something I would make at home. It was chewier than I thought it would be- definitely not a crisp slice- and it cooled off faster than it should have. I didn't even get halfway down the block before it was cold. And another noticeable misfire on their part- I couldn't understand why they didn't offer vegan pizzas amidst the ready-made pizzas sitting on the counter. There are some vegan options on the menu, luckily, but they were special order- on the day I visited, I would've preferred a vegan slice to just grab & go rather than wait for a special pie to be made, especially since I wouldn't have been able to take leftovers into the theater. Hopefully Revd Up will wise up to this!

Still, the sauce was better than I thought it would be, and my generous basil-adorned slice topped out at 260 calories a slice, while the average NYC slice packs in anywhere from 400 to 800 calories (depending on your toppings) with 10 grams of fat. Their classic NYC slice actually tops out at just 170 calories.

I can't say I'd ever line up outside Revd Up Pi, the way people do for Grimaldi's or Lombardi's; still, I'm an advocate for any healthy place in Midtown, so if you're in the neighborhood anyway, you won't feel particularly guilty coming here.

Revd Up Pi, 451 3rd Avenue at 31st Street, NYC, 212-679-3743 

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