Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolutions... or better yet, Intentions

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas/New Year's! I'm still getting settled in from mine- after a week and a half of drinking and eating cookies on top of not exercising, I'm actually looking forward to getting back to a routine, which includes more gym and pool time, and fewer sugary treats!

And of course, blogging. I missed that too... so back to it!

When I need a boost of the spiritual variety during my day, I'll often check out the inspirational quotes on Tiny Buddha (my fave as of late: "People who urge you to be realistic generally want you to accept their version of reality"- yeah!!) and some positive posts on Crazy Sexy Life (and if you haven't seen it already, read this month's VegNews cover story on Kris Carr!) And rather than list her New Year's "Resolutions," Carr lists her New Year's "Intentions"- much gentler a word, don't you think? One that is defined by putting thought behind actions... really, the key to making successful changes.

So I'm opening up and sharing my New Year's Intentions with you, with the hopes that we'll get rid of that word "resolution" altogether and that maybe I'll find some great pointers from all of you!

To be more interactive- You might not know, especially if you've just started following me, that I initially started this blog for myself, my friends and family, and left it open for anyone to stumble upon. The self-promoting game is tacky, I thought, and I wasn't trying to cash out in the blogosphere, so why? But as it turns out, since creating a Twitter handle for TheFriendlyVeg this past fall, there's a wonderful community of vegetarian and vegan bloggers like me, with irresistible recipes, big ideas, and plenty of entertaining comments. And though sometimes it can be slightly intimidating to just jump into chats with bloggers who are already familiar with each other, I figure I have nothing to lose and nothing but potential new friends and new reads to gain.

To eat more vegan meals- Though my diet is mostly vegan and I'll try to shop as ethically as possible, I still can't fully call myself vegan- my worst offenses are when I go out to eat, especially when the one meatless option on a menu is stuffed with cheese. Or when I travel, as I'm more of a "do what locals do, and try to eat what locals eat" type of explorer. Well, I can't always control the rest of the world's eating habits, but I can take charge of mine. My other intention is to eat more vegan meals- sometimes it's tough, especially when most of your loved ones are omnis, but I'm not giving up. It's the right thing to do.

To run a 5k this spring- This sounds strange coming from someone who plays soccer, but running is tough. Short sprints I can handle, but this distance running thing is a whole 'nutha ball game. I sure won't turn down a challenge, so I'm determined to start running several days a week, get my endurance up, and at the very least, hold a steady pace and not finish last in a 5k this spring. You're only young once, and if I can learn how to play soccer and how to swim in my mid-20s, I can train myself to run. Wish me luck!

Exert More Creative Energy- Not gonna lie, I envy/admire other bloggers who write full time- I'll sometimes look at the extensive blog posts someone will write a week or all the networking that goes and think, "man, I wish I had time to do that!" If I didn't have a demanding job, I would spend all my time writing (and running several days a week, ha!) too. But I can't compare myself to other people and what they're doing- everyone's situation is different and we've all made choices that have put us into our individual situations. So while my workload might not change, I can at the very least create a game plan for expanding my blog and setting deadlines for myself (I work in journalism, this I know I can do!). If I know I'll be putting in overtime at the office one day, I need to actively plan for what I can do during down moments to feel creatively fulfilled. I suppose in other words, as my yoga teachers would say, make sure there is purpose and thought in every movement. Creativity will stem from there, right?

Well, these might be four lofty intentions, but like anything else, with your heart and mind in the right place and with love and support around you, you really can make it happen!

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