Monday, December 13, 2010

Deals and Good Reads

In the spirit of Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/whatever spins your dreidel or tops your tree, I had a few cool things I wanted to share with my readers!

Are you a fan of Groupon, Bloomspot, Tippr, or any other trendy daily deal, but wished they offered more than just discounts on chains or unhealthy grub? ethicalDeal aims to bridge the gap between wanting to do good and wanting goodies. Billing itself as part green deal site, green city guide, and green action network, Vancouver-based ethicalDeal works just like your favorite email daily and promises exclusive discounts for all things green. I'm so glad someone finally jumped on the bandwagon with this one! Because it's a new company, it's still connecting with New York City vendors for deals, but keep this on your radar- you know it'll take off in good ol' NYC!

While shamelessly perusing celebrity news rags- hey, we've all got to zone out at work periodically- I came across the current celebrity Photoshop feature on new web mag, DignityZine. Looking at Megan Fox's big un-Photoshopped pores made me sigh with relief (does this make me a bad person?) and I really enjoyed their refreshing four part series on what goes into creating the illusion of perfection. They also feature sections on travel, health/beauty, and other news tidbits. Keep up the good work ladies!

And on the note of keeping up the good work, the lovely ladies behind Healthy Living Blogs (which TheFriendlyVeg is a part of!) have introduced some new features to the collective! Each weekday will have a particular theme- Monday Announcements, Wednesday Recipes, Blog Tip Thursdays, etc- that bloggers can participate in. Great way to get more people involved! And, in their spirit of the season, you'll find a collection of holiday cookie link-ups- hungry yet?


Mac said...

Thanks so much for the blog post and helping us to make green mainstream! We definitely want to move to cities across North America and gaining subscribers in those cities will help us get there faster!

Thanks again for spreading the word and see you in NY soon! :)

-Mac at ethicalDeal

The Friendly Veg said...

Thanks Mac, for bringing ethical deals to the mainstream! :)