Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Tofurky and Other Thanksgiving Recipes!

November is National Go Vegan Month, as well as the month in which Thanksgiving falls. Does anyone else find this ironic? 

Maybe the editors of had that in mind when they posted this awesome looking recipe for a homemade Tofurkey with brown rice stuffing! As Chow points out, it's always better to make something yourself, especially if the other option is full of artificial and/or hard to pronounce ingredients.

Looking for other sources of inspiration? Look no further than the New York Times Well blog with their recent posts on vegetarian comfort food for Thanksgiving and vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli's recipes for harvest stuffed portobello mushrooms, maple roasted Brussels sprouts, and chocolate-pumpkin bread pudding. Keep checking back for more recipes- I hope this series inspires many meat-loving Times readers!

Also serving up some great recipes, though not all vegan or vegetarian (but I bet some of them can be modified), is the most recent edition of New York magazine, where some of New York's celebrity chef's re-interpret their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. You'll find Sara Jenkins's puree of chestnut soup, Zak Pelaccio's Brussels sprouts, and Mario Batali's apple pie.

Eat up everybody!

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