Friday, November 12, 2010

Health Benefits of Black Rice

The health conscious know to always opt for brown rice with their takeout entrees, but with new studies coming out about the benefits of black rice- also dubbed "forbidden rice" by the Chinese because only emperors were allowed to eat it- you might just go black and never go back.

In addition to packing Vitamin E, fiber, and iron, black rice also contains high anthocyanin levels- that's the same good stuff found in other dark hued foods like blueberries, and with its low sugar content, some food scientists believe black rice might even be healthier than blueberries.

Other perks?Anti-inflammatory properties! One Korean study found that mice fed with 10% black rice bran feed significantly suppressed ear skin inflammation than those fed 10% brown rice bran. Read more about black rice benefits here.

And just as important, it's delish. It's nutty flavor goes well with many fall dishes, like the stuffed acorn squash I made a few weeks ago, and it would certainly make a great addition to a healthy Thanksgiving table!

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sam rice said...

ever since i was a kid we are on brown rice since my mom is so health conscious. when i discovered this black rice i little by little talked my mom over this matter. since it is good for her because of the lesser sugar black rice contains.