Monday, November 8, 2010


FoodParc is a whole new, futuristic approach to the traditional "food court"... and I do of course mean this in the best way possible.

Fab fact number 1- You order whatever you're craving from any vendor at one vendor, and you're signaled when you're food is ready at each location. Time saver!

Fab fact number 2- No chains- you won't find a McDonald's or Dairy Queen here! The stands are few in number, but include Fornetti, for Italian grub; The Press, for coffee, gelato, and pastries; and Red Farm Stand, for Asian inspired noshing.

Which brings me to my next point...

Fab fact number 3- The food is a hundred times better than any suburban food court I've ever been to! On one random night last week, a pal and I split a Tuscan Country flatbread salad from Fornetti with- get this- arugula, fennel, ricotta salata, figs, shaved black truffle, and oranges, served on a whole wheat flatbread. It pained me to not finish it! We also indulged in mushroom spring rolls, vegetable pot stickers, and the water chestnut, pineapple, and arugula salad topped with lotus root chips from Red Farm Stand. Though none of the vendors had an abundance of veggie options, I was definitely satisfied with the ones I sampled. To be fair, none of these items were the best of their respective cuisines, as to be expected, but certainly, they were tasty, inexpensive, and fast. And that was fine with me.

But just as important:

Fab fact number 4- There's a bar in FoodParc, along with ample seating either outside or in a separate lounge space to the back of the venue and upstairs. Most stands also offer beer. In the event those pot stickers don't leave you satisfied, know that a cosmo will!

With just four vendors, I don't know that I'd revisit FoodParc often- but for a glimpse of what a mall food court has the potential to be, it's worth a look! 

FoodParc, 851 Sixth Avenue, 212-564-4567

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