Thursday, November 4, 2010

Check it, Gaga: Veggies as Fashion

We all know the commotion that Lady Gaga made at the VMA's with that god-awful meat dress. Even if you do eat meat, I can't imagine you'd actually want to wear it.

But while randomly surfing online this week, I also found a great feature on Yahoo! that Lady Gaga probably should've looked at before donning a future piece of giant jerky. I think the artichoke dress on the left is way sexier than Gaga's meat dress!

Using food for fashion isn't something new for designers. There's the Chocolate Fashion Show at the annual Chocolate Show held in NYC, where the couture is required to be made mostly of chocolate. (I was lucky enough to attend two years ago, check out the photo below!)

This artichoke dress is part of the "Hunger Pains" series by photographer Ted Sabarese, which showcased garments made of the foods that the participating models craved. I could make a crack at the idea of models eating, but I won't touch that one :)

I don't know about you, but if I left the house wearing a pasta dress, I'd probably arrive at my destination almost naked!

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