Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snack Time!

I like to snack. I think most people do. So when I come across some good ones, I think it's only right that you share your goodies!

Highly recommended: V Spot's Colombian Empanadas. Yes, I'm probably biased because I think Colombian food is the shizz, but you'll enjoy these hearty, flavorful empanadas from the famous Brooklyn vegan cafe, The V Spot. You can find them in both local health food stores and in delis (I found them in both the Natural Fronter Marketplace as well as a neighborhood deli!) Salsa is included, so be sure to slather some over you TVP filled empanadas and enjoy!

Other new awesomeness? I've been on a freeze dried fruit kick lately- I'm not one to argue with sweet AND crunchy- and found a great variety in Fruitzio, also found in Natural Frontier Marketplace and other health food stores. At just 100 calories per bag, you can choose from peach, apple, apricot, even Asian pear. I liked that Fruitzio has their fruit in bite size chunks, rather than the thin slices of freeze dried fruit that I've usually encountered. I'd even chop these up and add them to trail mix. Yum!

Happy snacking!

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Joslyn @ missfitbliss said...

Those peaches look delicious!