Monday, October 4, 2010

Claire's Corner Copia

I'd lucked out in New Haven in the past with Thali Too, and figured I'd get lucky again during my next visit- thank goodness for college towns, 'cuz Connecticut isn't exactly known as a bastion of culinary diversity. Kudos to having vegetarian restos in unlikely places!

We stumbled on Claire's Corner Copia on Chapel Street, one of the main drags around that New Haven Ivy college, and it wasn't just packed with students- we found hospital workers, professors, and parents alike. And everyone- and I mean just about everyone waiting at the counter- took their sweet time scanning Claire's extensive vegetarian and vegan menu. I understood why- it was impossible to choose just one thing! Grilled veggie sandwiches, soy BLTs, curry chik'n salad, fresh salads, burritos, quesadillas, homemade veggie burgers, pasta, and flat bread pizzas- kind of like your typical Midtown sandwich shop, only more options.

After hiking, winery hopping, and apple picking all day, (I know, just slaving the afternoon away!) I was hungry, and nothing was coming between me and a giant buffalo soy chik'n burrito with guacamole. Only one thing did- it was waaaaaaay too saucy for it's own good. It was drowning in spicy buffalo sauce. It wasn't the heat that was a problem, but if I had wanted to overwhelm the brown rice, refried beans, and peppers in the burrito, I might as well have dunked it in a vat of the sauce. Another pal had the same issue with her Corner Copia Grande burrito. We both enviously eyed our third pal's plate, who apparently had chosen wisely- a portobello sandwich with eggplant and lentils- and we decided to drown our next treat in sugar. Snickerdoodle cookie, anyone?

Oh well. I guess you win with some dishes, you lose with some dishes. Claire's is definitely hit or miss. But I'd be willing to give it the good old college try the next time I'm in the New Haven area... provided I don't run into Thali Too first.

Claire's Corner Copia, 1000 Chapel Street, New Haven CT,  (203) 562-38888

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