Friday, September 10, 2010

Mai Sushi

I'm not 100% sure why a sushi resto would need to brand itself with "Real Ingredients. Real Sushi. Real Simple"- it seems a bit redundant for a sushi place- but after reading some blog buzz on the new Mai Sushi in Midtown, I figured I could use some teriyaki tofu on my Friday afternoon.

Though their branding seems like it's jumped on the locavore bandwagon and their offerings are relatively standard, what is particularly notable about Mai Sushi is their variety of takeout options and the diet-conscious/non-committal option of ordering certain dishes, like tempura, by the piece instead of a whole meal, and the choice of bento box sized portions or snack sized portions.

Who doesn't love options?

Quick veggie takeaway options at Mai include 3-piece inari snackers (but be sure to read the labels when picking up from the deli- some of their inari snackers have salmon roe), tofu caprese, teriyaki tofu steak, cucumber-avocado rolls, small portions of pickled vegetables, and large pieces of vegetables battered in tempura- I actually got a tempura special of squash and spinach for under $2. Standard, but good. Their tofu caprese is snack sized, and priced so at around $3- a tasty, non-traditional treat. I also treated myself to candied sweet potatoes with black sesame seeds- not overly sweet, these were perfect in my book!

A restaurant can also be found in the back, but with all their easy takeaway selections, I'll visit again when I'm in need of a satisfying, inexpensive snack. Good thinking Mai!

Mai Sushi, 16 E. 41st Street between Madison & 5th Aves, 212-400-8880


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