Wednesday, September 29, 2010

25 Things Chefs Never Tell You

Like every other profession, chefs hide some dirty secrets at the workplace. In an annual chefs' survey, Food Network found that in addition to giving critics special treatment, recycling bread from the bread baskets, and spotting roaches in the kitchen, some chefs leave the term "vegetarian" open to interpretation- and to my absolute disgust, one respondent reported seeing a cook pour lamb's blood into a vegan's pasta primavera. Yuck!
Truth be told, this isn't shocking news, though the lamb's blood is an extreme story. How many of us can recall going to a burger joint, being told that our grilled vegetables or veggie burger is cooked on a clean grill, and then bit into our dinner and felt a wave of nausea as meat-infused oil overwhelmed our tastebuds? I find this less common in nicer, more upscale restaurants in New York, (though I've lucked out with hole-in-the-walls- see my last post!) but here's to hoping that publishing this survey draws more attention to the issue!

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