Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Healthy Shopping!

Wanna spend less money on your grocery bill and supercharge your pantry? I'm feeling inspired by two articles I've just read on those topics, and before I hit the Greenmarket today, I wanted to pass 'em along to you!

Believe it, some of the 20 Healthiest Foods you can eat are some of the cheapest. And of that list, only 3 are non-veg friendly. Try using that in your next argument with an omnivore! I found some delicious faves on the top 20- kale, potatoes, garbanzo beans, whole grain pasta, and butternut squash.

And who better to ask about stocking a super food pantry than Ann Gentry, of L.A.'s renowned Real Food Daily restaurants? In Gentry's article, she advises consumers to pick up grocery staples like avocado, blueberries, dark chocolate, soy, and spinach. Instead of worrying about the quantity of calories, focus on how nutrient dense your food is and get the most out of what you're eating.


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