Monday, July 12, 2010

Times: Officials Euthanize Nearly 400 Geese in Prospect Park

I know New York City geese have been viewed as a "problem" since a couple flew into the engines of the U.S. Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River last January, but mass slaughter? This is not the right solution.

I was saddened to read in the Times City Room blog that this is the plan for all geese within seven miles of LaGuardia or JFK airports. Four hundred geese were removed from Prospect Park and gassed (hardly as gentle as the term "euthanasia" implies) and it won't stop there. I hope the goslings I've come to love on the LIC waterfront are still there when I walk by this week!

So why are the geese being punished for doing what they've always been doing- flying around the Hudson? And does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, airplane manufacturers should have safeguards against something flying into the engine? The engine, of all things?? Not just for geese, but for anything that could come near a plane engine- I don't know much about airplane design, but this seems a bit shortsighted on a designer's part.

My favorite comment at the end of the blog? Someone who asks" "So when NYC officials get too large in number (and I think we're there already)- what are we gonna do about them?" Ha. But seriously, make those officials work and phone or email your local rep and tell them that this needs to be stopped!

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