Sunday, June 6, 2010

Required: Vegan?

So I'm a bit late with this headline, but this definitely caught my attention- is it discrimination to require a job candidate be vegan? At a vegan cafe, I think the line between discrimination and "well, fair 'nuff" gets blurred.

As I read on, the Portland, OR bakery Sweetpea Baking Company had to change their barista job listing because of some internet backlash on requiring their candidate to be vegan. Sure, it could possibly be discrimination if the candidate was quite knowledgeable on vegan diets and lifestyle (i.e. used to be vegan, married to a vegan, etc). But if you're not vegan, chances are you're a bit clueless on these matters- and in matters of business, why wouldn't you hire the most knowledgeable candidate for the job? I mean, you wouldn't hire an amateur food blogger to take the head chef position at Per Se, right?

Discrimination- maybe. But guess what: for all the times I've been annoyed that some bored barista made my drink with regular milk when I asked for soy milk or dealt with a server who couldn't understand why I sent my meal back when my veggies were obviously grilled in the same greasy pan as their meat dish, I think the PC police should just shut up and worry about issues that are truly discriminatory.

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