Monday, May 31, 2010

Want More Citrus?

Alas, it was a short citrus series, but I hope you enjoyed the recipes! I've got two more suggestions for you to have your next meal transport you from the city to the tropics.

My sister mailed me a copy of "The Tropical Vegan Kitchen", by Donna Klein. Klein has published a number of vegan cookbooks with really simple recipes (Vegan Italiano and Supermarket Vegan among them), all with a tropical twist. Great inspiration for summer cooking, especially with citrus!

And today, as I perused the freezer section of my local supermarket for post Memorial Day veggie burgers, I found the most awesome summer icy treat- Ciao Bella Blood Orange sorbet bar. O.M.G. At 60 calories with no fat and cholesterol, I'll take these sweet, vegan-friendly bars over a soft-serve cone any day!

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