Sunday, May 16, 2010

Veggie Pride Parade

 Okay, so clearly I missed the parade. But I was not going to miss the demos in Union Square North!

It was a beautiful day for the third annual Veggie Pride Parade, and the vegetarians, vegans, and freegans came out... because of course there was free food to be sampled too. I missed some sort of vegetable bread (to the chunky beotch stuffing a vegan brownie in her mouth while shoving past me to get the last piece of bread, I hope you're reading this!), but there were other goodies to try.

The V Spot, the Brooklyn based restaurant and the creator of many of the savory vegan Latin packaged goodies you'll see in health food stores, was on hand to share to their seitan empanadas with fresh salsa. Bursting with fresh cilantro and spicy peppers, I could've eaten a dozen of these, but alas, I was not about to wait in line again. Hit up their website for a list of where to buy their tasty morsels.

Whole Earth Bakery tempted the crowds with decadent vegan desserts. I sampled their vegan rice crispie treat covered in chocolate- dripping with agave nectar and thick chocolate, it was so unbelievably rich that I couldn't finish it! Sigh, perfection.

With performers singing songs about animals, random parade attendees giving testimony as to when and how they went vegetarian or vegan, costumed veggies taking pictures with children, various petitioners obtaining signatures, vegan cooking schools with their class listings, or OrganicAthletes offering sports nutrition info, there was something new to see and learn throughout the entire north end of the park. I hope you got the chance to make it out! With the great event and the great crowd (minus Greedy Bread-Thievin' Vegan of course), I definitely felt proud to be reppin' vegetarians today! Go veg!

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