Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Food Reads

Thought I'd share some interesting reading material from this past week with you all!

Ever want to roll your eyes at some overly descriptive menu items? (i.e. would I ever notice the difference between lemon and Meyer lemon unless you spelled it out for me?) Is it over-marketing those ingredients or keeping the diner informed? NPR explores this idea.

According to a recent piece in Foreign Policy, slow food is not the way of the future. Political scientist Robert Paarlberg argues that in order to feed the world's hungry, food producers will have to resort to mass farming methods like cheap fertilizer and producing crops that can withstand travel; most rural countries have those local, organic systems that we romanticize already in place, and people are still going hungry. Interesting argument, and definitely a great topic of debate!

And with the recent James Beard Foundation Awards Ceremony, dubbed the Oscars of the food world, I've got some more reading to do- articles from the winners in their Food Journalism categories. I've got the winners list and the winning articles here- I'm particularly interested in "A Hunger to Help", about a pay-what-you-wish model to dining, and "The Price of Tomatoes", about the slave-like conditions in some Florida tomato farms.

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