Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Limelight Marketplace

I think the recent revamping of the original den of sin can be summed up as so: you probably paid way too much money to buy booze and drugs at the nightlife institution Limelight, and you'll continue to pay way too much for clothing, food, soaps, candy, and bags at the new Limelight Marketplace.

Limelight Marketplace, which opened its doors to the public this past weekend, is still in the planning stages- while a number of small shop stalls are open, their restaurant offerings (not traveling to Brooklyn for Grimaldi's? Awesome!) won't be open for another few weeks. When I visited today, I skipped past the boutique stalls and went straight back to the gourmet section. I wasn't expecting their marketplace to be anything like Chelsea Market or the like, but it definitely still has some expanding to do. In the Mediterranean gourmet supply in the back, you will find a bread baker (though, as I was told, the kitchen is still being built, so their breads are supplied by Tom Cat Bakery in LIC), various imported olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and tapenades, fresh pasta, and a cheese counter. The cheese section at my nearby Amish Market is much more impressive, but I'll give Limelight the benefit of the doubt that they'll be expanding the section soon. I know olive oil isn't cheap, so that particular product isn't the best gauge, but when I saw the markup on a bag of Trahanas (a sour Greek pasta soup) that I know you can get for just a couple bucks at Astoria's Titan Market, I knew that I would not be shopping here if I ever wanted reasonably priced goodies.

Same goes for their sweets section- with cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop Truck, chocolates from Mariebelle's, gelato from Baci, and various goodies from Butterfly Bakeshop, I figured I'd treat myself to an inexpensive treat that was not my usual Cupcake Stop cupcake, though they are pretty damn good cupcakes. I settled on a caramel sea salt brownie bite from Mari's, and though it was absolutely delish, I was a bit peeved that all of 3 bites would cost me $2.50. Ouch, again!

I commiserated with another woman who was taking photos of the place and recalling drunk stories of old. Though Limelight Marketplace is a lovely setting and is probably worth visiting for that reason, I'll leave the shopping for the European tourists with plenty of Euros to spend (though I suppose that's questionable with the current economic situation); I'll stick with specialty shops in my home borough of Queens where I know imported goodies won't break my bank!

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