Friday, April 2, 2010


Work had me up, down, and across town all week, but in the process, I found a great vegan sandwich spot that I'd love to share!

Is it a coincidence that vegan sandwich shop, Terri, is located on 23rd Street between the Institute for Culinary Education and a New York Health and Racquet Club?  I think not.

I've visited Terri twice now, and enjoyed a buffalo chicken sandwich (which totally hit the spot with the right amount of spice in a foccacia sandwich and with balanced portions of veggies and chicken), and a Bacon Cheddar Chik'n sandwich (yummy- apologies for the camera phone picture!) Alright, not the healthiest choices by any means- just because something is vegan doesn't mean it's healthier- but personally, I'm always intrigued by the different varieties and textures of soy-based "meats" and "cheeses", and I was definitely eager to see how their selection stacked up against other veggie places in the city. Suffice to say, you'll get your sandwich fix at Terri for whatever you're craving!

Terri gets a shoutout for fast service, and a good selection of veganized sandwich classics, like meatball subs, chickpea tuna melts, and quesadillas with Daiya cheese, along with salads, vegan cupcakes and brownies, and fresh juices and smoothies. The only downside? The fact that a sandwich comes out to $8.50. I don't want to echo the typical American attitude of "big portion size for my buck", because I know soy products don't come cheap. But if I were to do lunch in midtown for $8.50, I could get a big stuffed falafel pita with sweet potato and corn salad at Crisp, a veggie soup and sandwich combo at Hale & Hearty, or two veggie sides with salad and naan at any Indian joint. It's the same reason I don't frequent any of the Pret franchises- why would I spend $8.50 on a sandwich that I could easily make at home?

Though I'm ever the advocate of brown-bagging my lunch, the next time I'm the mood to spend for a tasty sandwich, Terri, that $8.50 is yours.

Terri, 60 W. 23rd Street near 6th Avenue, 212-647-8810

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