Friday, April 30, 2010

Hexane in Soy Protein?


Some will rip on soy because of the estrogen debate (Jeremy Piven- your drinking 12 cups of anything other than water, not just soy milk, will make you fat and give you those man boobs), but now we've got some more food additives for thought... hexane. What??

I recently read that research group Cornucopia Institute, which supports family-scale farming communities, has published a study stating that many non-organic soy bean products may contain trace amounts of the neurotoxin hexane, which is commonly used to separate the free fatty acids from soy beans during processing. From the sound of the article that reported these findings, much more testing still needs to be conducted, as the FDA has not studied the effects of ingested hexane in humans. Sounds like it might not be a big issue if you don't eat heavy amounts of soy products every day, but you never know- reading the full study would certainly be worth your while, and I know I'll check it out!

Piven- if experience has taught you anything, you probably shouldn't start consuming 12 packs of veggie burgers a day.

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Heidi Bobier said...

Okay, not cool. After a quick google search about hexane, I can say I definitely don't want to be consuming that anymore.

My soy products are usually organic, but this is just a reminder that I have to triple-check from here on out.

Thanks for posting!