Friday, March 19, 2010


Some say not to live by labels... I, for one, am a believer in labeling, especially when it comes to food! These two headlines, both related to labeling, are on my radar: 

Can you really trust those calorie counts on your packaged treat of choice. According to an article on faulty food labeling on Yahoo, you might not. You might've already guessed that the calorie counts on chain restaurant entrees are probably low-end estimates, but a recent report showed that many products have about 18% more calories than listed. Ick! Most people want to believe the low-calorie/low-sugar/low-fat version of their favorite treat really is what it claims to be, but until the FDA steps up it's game and hires more staff to monitor the products on the market and crack down on the faulty product labels, this definitely won't be an overnight change.

And speaking of labeling menus, the NYC Health Department just added another type of labeling that diners will be most interested in- cleanliness. Starting this July, restaurants will be required to post signs in their windows with letter grades, from A through C, that match their level of cleanliness, as per DOH standards. The New York State Restaurant Association is protesting the move, calling it misleading, but let's be real- if you're worried about a bad grade, do your business a favor and keep your restaurant clean!

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