Thursday, March 11, 2010

FoodNYC- A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System

 I'm a bit late in posting this- blame it on vacation time- but kudos to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for taking initiative and proposing some more ideas for changing how us cityfolk eat. The 45 page doc, called "Food NYC: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System," suggests more space to be  used for urban agriculture, to flip the traditional grocery store model and fund farmers' market infrastructure, and most importantly (well, at least to me!) to include a food/nutrition curriculum in public schools and institute Meatless Mondays in public schools as well.

You know which item I'm already a fan of! Meatless Mondays, in conjunction with a food/nutrition curriculum, is a great way to open kids' minds to infinite possibilities of veggies and eating healthy! Click the link above and read more on the proposed initiatives!

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