Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alice Waters interview in WSJ ,and other reading materials

Since you might be snowed in anyhow, I thought I'd link you to this interview with slow food activist Alice Waters in The Wall Street Journal, where she discusses the Bay Area food scene, selling out, and how the Chez Panisse experience is something that can't be replicated outside of Berkeley.

Also, coinciding with the theme of my last post, be sure to read up on the Obama administration's recent initiative to get junk food out of schools.

On to cooking and eating! Interested in expanding the grains portion of your palate? Use bulghur, the wheat berry used in tabbouleh salad, and get cooking! And forget slaving over an extravagant Valentine's Day meal this week- make your own dumplings instead for Chinese New Year. And if you really don't feel like cooking anything, be sure to check out the newest vegan underground dinner party in Brooklyn, Nasturtium- next dinner party is on February 20th.

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