Monday, October 26, 2009

OMG Cupcakes

Free delivery of VEGAN cupcakes? OMG indeed!

Check out OMG Cupcakes, a recent startup by a mother/daughter team with a mantra of "a bakery where everyone could eat something." Which is certainly a welcome change if you're vegan. In addition to your garden-variety cupcakes, OMG makes vegan AND gluten-free cupcakes with sinful sounding names like Agave Vanilla, Caliente Hot Chocolate, Maple Cinnamon, and Red Velvet with Marzipan Hearts. Yum!

At $3.50 each, they're not cheaper than any other cupcakes in the city, but at least you're not being overcharged because they're a vegan/gluten-free specialty. You can order vegan OMG Cupcakes online; they're also found at Cafe 1 (140th and Amsterdam), ELM Natural Foods (1st Ave and 88th Street) and Bruno Ravioli Specialty Foods (2nd Ave between 23rd and 24th Streets).

Forget Halloween candy, I know what I'm noshing on later this week!

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