Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back!

Just got back stateside yesterday, and aside from lounging on the beach and exploring mountain villages in south Greece, I'll miss the delicious food and the atmosphere of the tavernas!

I mean, you've got to respect a waiter who, when asked what the fresh fish of the day is, matter of factly answers, "We have none, you're better off going with something else."

The veggies were fresh and simply prepared- lemon juice, some dill, garlic, and tons of olive oil. With our proximity to Kalamata, olive trees grew wild and, as I was told, there's so much olive oil produced here that no one knows what to do with it all except douse everything- from the fish, beets, boiled greens, salads, meats, et cetera- with that olive oil. A vegan or vegetarian would have no problem finding plenty of lunch and dinner options in Greece, and the portions are generous- the picture above is just some of our meal at Argo taverna in Kalamata. And like anywhere else in the world, there were some restaurants that were better than others, but I didn't have one bad meal during the entirety of our stay in south Greece. Seriously, not a single one.

If you're in Athens, however, you're more likely to fall into tourist traps (like the Plaka restaurant that served ketchup with frozen fries, as opposed to the fresh cut potatoes fried in olive oil down south, and a tzatziki made without garlic- blasphemy!). Zorba's Tavern in Plaka, outside the Acropolis, is more authentic and definitely worth a visit if you are in Athens!

Until the next trip, however, I'll spend my time trying to replicate some of those fantastic Greek dishes on this blog for you, my dear readers! Kali Orexi!

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