Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PETA Billboard: Is it Actually Controversial or Are People Afraid to Face the Facts?

And on another note about provocative ways to bring attention to unhealthy eating habits...

PETA's new billboard campaign in Florida (coincidence?) this week has feminist groups and fat acceptance groups up in arms, saying that this billboard is derogatory to women and shames overweight people. PETA, however, argues that this billboard is a reminder that vegetarianism/veganism is an excellent way to lose way and still maintain a healthy diet.

I don't understand why this particular ad is any more or less offensive than PETA's previous "Pro-Life? Go Vegetarian" billboard or "Don't Pay for Two Seats" billboard with a fat torso jammed into an airplane seat or "Three Stages of a Wiener" which suggests that eating meat can make men impotent. The facts and the studies that support these claims are there, but with a third of the population considered obese, apparently people aren't doing their research. So is it the ad itself that has people angry? Or are people angry because they don't want to face the facts?

I think it's the latter.

Certainly, I'm biased in my opinion- as a vegetarian for over 8 years, I've had to put up with Big Food industries pushing agendas and lies on TV and on billboards that I don't agree with, so I don't feel much sympathy for people who claim that this is "offensive." And isn't the whole country used to seeing in-your-face PSAs from PETA by now?

Get over it and go vegetarian.

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