Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 Ways to Barter for Food

My inner hippie loves the concept of bartering with your friends, neighbors, or local businesses, and in addition to my June post about the Veggie Trader website, I'd love to share with you the latest installment of Chow.com's The Ten list- 10 Ways to Barter for Food. You got fruit, veggies, soup or a couple spare hours to volunteer? You want fruit, veggies, soup, and even beer? The websites listed are your avenue to the people that want to connect and trade with you too!

I love this idea! And in channeling that inner hippie of mine, I personally would like to try #8 on that list, working at a farm booth and bringing back some vegetables as the fruit of my labor... okay, terrible pun, but it's a small price to pay- or barter- for the helpful tidbits on this site :)

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