Thursday, July 16, 2009

Street Sweets

After perusing Time Out New York's list of top food trucks in the city and in the boroughs, I knew I had to investigate. Surely it's my civic duty as a New Yorker and as the Friendly Veg to report on where the best goodies are parked!

I decided to hit up Midtown newcomer Street Sweets, parked on E. 55th between Park and Madison. You can't miss the bright blue truck and the friendly face of co-founder Samira Mahboubian inside. Inspired by an Italian tradition of slicing croissants and filling them with Nutella, Street Sweets brings it to a whole 'nutha level with Nutella, mocha/vanilla/chocolate pastry cream, marshmallow cream, dulce de leche, and fruit preserves. The truck also serves up cookies from One Girl Cookies, whoopie pies, cupcakes, savory quiches, and even homemade granola.

I devoured a pumpkin whoopie pie with a cream cheese filling- heavenly! And since their specialty is filled croissants, I simply had to order a croissant with Nutella- you know, in the name of reporting. And though it was delish as well, it was too big to be a snack- I would've much preferred this as a breakfast treat rather than for the middle of the afternoon. Their treats are fairly priced- no more than $2.75 for each of my treats- but nothing particularly standout.

My beloved Treats Truck has a little competition! Still, if you're looking for a small treat, the Treats Truck reigns supreme. If you're looking to really treat yourself and you plan on exercising hardcore after you get out of work, then by all means pick up a Nutella croissant at Street Sweets!

Next stop, The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. With a name like that and a rainbow cone painted on the truck, how could you not want to check it out? I'm hunting this one down next week...

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