Monday, July 20, 2009

Mountain Rise Granola

After a weekend in the wilderness known as upstate New York, I came back with not only a bit of color, mosquito bites, and a new appreciation for country bars, but lots of delicious country goodies as well! I love finding new vegetarian and vegan food products and sharing my delish discoveries, and this my dear readers, is a good one!

We stopped at the McEnroe Organic Farmer's Market outside of Millerton, NY and were treated to farm fresh veggies and fruits (black raspberries are my new fave!), flavorful sandwiches and salads from their lunch counter, and locally produced organic products, like Ronnybrook ice cream & shakes, breads from Berkshire Mountain Bakery, and my new favorite granola, a vegan variety from Mountain Rise Farms.

Though the brand has had some exposure as a Food Network Food Pick, as proclaimed on the back of the bag, I can't believe I've been missing out on this amazing granola- not too sweet, a smooth grainy texture, and big chunks as opposed to small grain clusters. And since it's homemade, organic, and local, I'm more than happy to keep bringing them business. I had a bowl of this granola for breakfast, and remained full and satisfied until past 1pm, and I bet this would be a great snack stash (among the others I listed in a previous blog). Check it out!

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