Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Look at the New York Food Film Festival

The third annual New York Food Film Festival screened films at the LIC Water Taxi Beach last night, which is what I'll call "no excuse" proximity to me. Even though I rolled in a little late (films were scheduled to start at 8:30pm), the screenings started late anyway, and to my surprise, only a small crowd of filmgoers were in attendance. Did people not realize the NYFFF was free?? I mean, isn't it that much more incentive to go to an event in NYC?

Either way, NYFFF not only entertained, but fed us as well. Three of the short films screened last night- Mutton: The Movie, Sacred Food, and New Jersey's Red October- doled out, respectively, free mutton & coleslaw, wild rice with almonds, and packets of Craisins to the audience. NYFFF volunteers also handed out reusable lunch bags at the end of the night, filled with various coupons and a box of Peeps, in honor of another film that was not shown this Tuesday. Compared to other festivals I've been to, this one's on the right *digestive* track!

The films were a mixed bag- I found myself surprisingly entertained by the Mutton movie, which follows a story of mutton BBQs in Kentucky, and slightly bored the Red October film that presented an inside look into cranberry growing, but not in a particularly interesting way. Some films- like The Sandwich Thief and Food Cops- were not particularly well done, but made for a few laughs anyway. Sacred Food, a short about how rice is considered a gift of the Creator by Ojibwe Native Americans in Northern Minnesota, was more somber and beautifully shot.

With a variety of other shorts in competition, this festival is worth attending, especially in a great location like the Water Taxi Beach. Closing night (also free!) is this Friday at 7:30pm, back at Water Taxi LIC- go check it out and get your munchies on!

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