Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Weekend in Cape May

Who's the idiot that equated the beach with greasy, fried crap? I'd like to douse him/her in a vat of frying oil. If you're going to be relaxing in the hot sand, donning a bikini, shorts, or whatever you might be wearing, wouldn't you want to eat something light and refreshing instead of heart-attack-waiting-to-happen burgers, fries, and hot dogs? Even the veggie burgers are oily and nasty. Bleh.

In my most recent weekend getaway to a quiet Cape May (which, considering it was Memorial Day weekend, surprised me!), I refused to be confined to the greasy veggie burgers, fries, and pizza that many of the Beach Avenue restos offered as vegetarian options. Though you might have to venture beyond your beach hotel, I'm posting a short list of some Cape May places worth visiting:

Bella Vida Garden Cafe- 406 N. Broadway- with outdoor seating and a casual vibe, Bella Vida offers more than fresh salads, assorted appetizers, and the usual veggie burger/portobello sandwiches. You'll find a tempeh rueben, coconut curry vegetable platter, and a house Island specialty of black beans & rice topped with a sweet mango salsa and shredded coconut.

Mad Batter- 19 Jackson Street- we stopped here for brunch on Sunday, and the wait was worth it! I indulged in a delicious Orange-Almond French toast and my honey quickly devoured his oatmeal pancakes. Rustic pizza, a variety of salads, a portobello-eggplant sandwich, babaghanoush, and a vegetable wellington are also served up with a side of live music and art exhibits at this fun cafe.

George's Place- 301 Beach Avenue- We surely would've gone to this little Greek restaurant across the street from the beach, if we could only get in! I'm mentioning this place anyway. A good sign of good food, George's is always packed, so be sure to call at 5pm daily when dinner reservations open. Come by for the usual delish Greek fare like Greek salads, dolmades, saganaki, and more.

Ah well, you work with what you got. If you happen to be in Cape May anytime from May 31st through June 7th, check out their Cape May Restaurant Week.

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