Saturday, May 16, 2009


As a vegetarian, you can never go wrong with Indian food. Outside of my native Italian cuisine, Indian might just be my favorite type of food. And in New York City, Indian food doesn't have to be served up in a hole in the wall on East 6th Street; during my latest dining venture, the sleek looking midtown resto Mint was conveniently located near the Waldorf Astoria.

I usually find that the energy spent to create a mod and sexy atmosphere at many restaurants should be better spent on its food; though this was also the case at Mint, once you got past the creative cocktail menu, low blue lighting and modern furniture in the lounge, they still served up some solid vegetarian options.

The tamarind chutney in the bhel poori we started with was a bit on the salty side, but satisfying nonetheless. The roti at our table was presented in little triangles, like pita triangles in a Turkish restaurant- which wouldn't seem odd if there weren't only about 10 triangles. At least when you get a loaf of roti downtown, you get way more than your $3 worth. For an entree, I chose the Diwan-e-Handi- with mixed veggies, eggplant, paneer, and spinach curry, I felt like I'd sampled most of the vegetable entrees all at once! All the flavors came together in the creamy sauce, and the dish had a slight spicy bite to it. All in all, it was good, and left no room for dessert that night!

You might argue that there are better Indian restaurants in Midtown- and you wouldn't be wrong. But if you're looking to take a vegetarian date for cocktails and Indian appetizers north of 6th Street, embrace the mod and sexy look- because East 6th Street doesn't whisper "come back to my place" after dinner.

Mint, 150 E. 50th Street, between 3rd and Lexington Avenues, 212-644-8888

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