Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tomorrow: 25th Annual Meatout!

Get ready, because tomorrow is Meatout 2009, its 25th year in observance! Appropriately on the first day of spring, vegetarians, vegans & environmentally concerned citizens everywhere take up the grassroots effort to not eat or buy meat for a day and to explore a healthier plant-based diet. This campaign has even served as the model for the popular "5 a Day" campaign.

Be sure to check out the Win Animal Rights table in Soho and an NYU-based public vegetarian work lunch in Washington Square Park. Think you'll miss meat too much? I'll be posting a list of 5 quick, easy, mock-meat based lunches that'll make you think twice before hitting your local deli counter or sandwich shop.

Meatout, like a blackout, but way tastier!


Michael A. Weber said...

It's actually the 25th annual Meatout. :)

The Friendly Veg said...

thanks for the heads up Michael!