Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back... and pumped up with VitalJuice!

After being stranded without internet for two weeks from my recent move, Time Warner came through, my computer is up and running, and I'm back to bring you delish vegetarian & vegan recipes and more veggie bites from around NYC!

And to get my Friendly Veg readers back into the loop, I'm passing along this awesome site that I got tipped off to- VitalJuice! In addition to all things vegetarian, I love shopping & going out and subsequently subscribe to cool email newsletters like Time Out New York, Thrillist, and Shop It To Me that'll keep me in the know- and the VitalJuice daily email lists do the same for all things health related in the city. You'll hear about health-related events, new workouts and natural beauty routines, check out recipes and eco-tips, and the spas and yoga studios worth checking out. I myself will try to score a reservation to Friday Night Dinners at the Natural Gourmet Institute that appeared in last week's VitalJuice!

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bside148 said...

Welcome Back! :-)