Monday, March 2, 2009

"Food Magazines Begin to Consider Cooks' Budgets"

So this news posting isn't entirely vegetarian or eco-related, but I did find this article in the Times particularly interesting, especially with the Dow dropping below 7,000 at Monday's close. Though the brave few still betting in stocks can normally count on consumer staples or certain commodities to balance out their losses- after all, people will still be buying food, toilet paper and such no matter what the economic conditions- it's not the case any longer as companies slowly but not so discreetly increase their prices for such staples.

The food industry is taking notice too. With NYC Restaurant Week being extended for another week (yep, that "bonus week" has been going on since the beginning of February) and foodies now shunning expensive pantry items, luxury magazines are now taking notice and catering to the new budget-minded shopper. Most people that read Gourmet magazine probably aren't the type that shop for groceries at their local Wal-Mart, but it's certainly interesting to watch big-name food publications compete for the frugal shopper's attention to make their sales. Read more about the new phenom here.

Maybe it's from growing up with the mindset that thrifty sure is nifty, but this need not be a difficult task for cooks- with expensive ingredients, a little can usually go a long way, and besides, if we're really as creative in the kitchen as we all claim to be, shouldn't we welcome the challenge?

Well, I'll giggle when I say that surely I can't argue with big trends, so I'll be posting an awesome veggie burger recipe shortly, which will feed 8 and do so with your budget in mind :)

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