Friday, January 9, 2009

Vote for Vegan School Lunch Options!

If you're not acquainted with and their national competition, Ideas for Change in America, familiarize yourself! Concerned citizens such as yourself can nominate and vote for ten different ideas that will be presented to incoming President Barack Obama on January 16th at the National Press Club in DC.

One of the topics being served up to voters: vegan options for school lunches. Not only is this a great idea as far as the planet is concerned (I'm sure all concerned vegetarians & vegans already know all about the devastating environmental impact caused by factory farms and meat production), but for our well being- offering up healthy options to school-age children is a step towards combating America's alarming obesity problem as well!

It's currently ranked 17th place of all suggested topics, so cast your vote here to put this important issue on Obama's agenda!

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