Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuk Tuk

The most important part of exploring your new neighborhood after you move? Figuring out where the good cheap eats are! And LIC Thai regular Tuk Tuk is there to welcome you.

Tuk Tuk serves up basic Thai fare, and although the ubiquitous menu items are found on every other Thai menu across the city, their Thai staples are solid and well prepared. We split a roti massaman to start- the pancake was both crispy and soft, and the curry both sweet and slightly spicy to taste, garnished with just the right amount of cilantro. My tofu pad kee mow was also quite good- just the right amount of chili-garlic sauce maintained the heat of the dish, and kept the flat noodles from clumping together on the plate. A bit of Thai basil and firm tofu rounded out my dinner that came to all of $15 a person, including tax & tip.

Sure, LIC will likely go the way of Williamsburg in another few years, but for now, I'm enjoying getting a flavorful bang for my buck!

Tuk Tuk, 4906 Vernon Blvd between 49th and 50th Avenues, Long Island City, 718-472-5598

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