Thursday, January 8, 2009

Premium Chocolate Holds Steady in Tough Economy

My inner (okay, my outwardly flamboyant) chocoholic was immediately drawn to this Wall Street Journal headline. Despite being in the midst of a recession, one thing people do not skimp on are comparatively inexpensive "comfort" products, like chocolate; and according to the article, people will continue purchasing premium chocolate but will be more discriminating and ingredient-conscious, making sure they get the best quality for their dollars.

Makes sense, if ya ask me. It's the same reason liquor sales traditionally spike during a recession. While at the Chocolate Show this past November, SweetRiot founder Sarah also explained that people are more likely to treat themselves with a premium chocolate than splurge on a big ticket item, hence the unwavering crowds at the show.

Chocolatiers, go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief that all too many retailers can't.

1 comment:

Alisha said...

Ha ha, yes chocolate is recession proof :)

I wouldn't be surprised if it rises due to increased stress levels.